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Sunday Night Open Thread

Talkleft was down yesterday and today. Colin (our webmaster) fixed it this afternoon and hopefully it is cured of whatever was ailing it. This will be a big week of news, so please bear with us.

Colin also fixed TalkLeft Premium, Marijuana Laws and Popleft (which I have neglected the past few years but one day will return to.) We will also restore the George Zimmerman and Duke Lacrosse forums one of these days, for historical purposes.

I think it's significant that the 2006 story of Stormy Daniels and Trump first was printed in an online gossip site called "Dirty" and then by In Touch Magazine back in 2011. (Here is a version of the In Touch Magazine article as modified in 2018). At the time, both Trump and Stormy (and Cohen) issued denials. It is inconceivable to me that Melania didn't know about it. So any defense that the hush money payment in 2016, or repayments to Cohen in 2017, were for the purpose of keeping Melania from learning about the alleged affair, rather than to keep his campaign from tanking (in the days following the Billy Bush tape) doesn't seem viable to me. [More...]

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